Finally, AI-Powered digital transformation of AMC and Appraiser selection

Until now, AMC and appraiser selection, and the appraisal process have been manual, time-intensive, unpredictable, and costly for the lender and AMC. AppraisalVision’s technology changes everything. It’s the first and only AI-Powered marketplace for AMC and appraiser selection.

Unprecedented benefits

  • Machine learning algorithm for AMC and appraiser selection
  • Real-time quality and performance monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance reporting (to include appraiser selection)
  • Real-time status updates and notifications
  • Identification of orders that are behind schedule (based on each milestone)
  • Mobile application for Account Executives, Loan Officers, Brokers and Realtors

The technology the mortgage industry
has been waiting for

Leveraging Vision 2.0, our patented business intelligence platform, we deliver the quick, economical, and reliable solution the mortgage industry needs.

Powered by big data and machine learning, no other technology delivers the benefits of AppraisalVision.

Unique benefits of AppraisalVision

Even technologies that claim to provide automated AMC and/or appraiser selection do not utilize a machine learning algorithm.

AppraisalVision takes into consideration much more than turn time and cost, ensuring the best AMC and/or appraiser is selected for each order.

What is an AQPM score?

Similar to a credit score, our machine learning algorithm, called the AQPM score, takes into consideration over 16 independent variables.

Sample variables include:

  • Geographic location to the ZIP code level (distance)
  • Loan type (Agency, FHA, Non-Agency, HELOC)
  • Property type (Single Family Residence, Condo, Manufactured Home)
  • Turn time based on market average
  • Number of completed orders
  • Capacity (AMC and appraiser)
  • Saturation (appraiser)
  • Quality (% of Revisions)
  • Revision turn times
  • Reliability (On Time)
  • Property Value
  • CU score (assigned by Fannie Mae)
  • Third party property and valuation data


Our commitment to simplifying the appraisal process means we’re working with industry leaders to create the most efficient platform for all parties involved.